AMERICA! Crumbling, Decaying, Turning Facist

12 08 2016

Let’s be really brutally honest with ourselves.  It’s not just the proclivities and fascist tendencies of Trump that are so alarming.  We’ve already been on the neo-fascist path for quite some time despite the deceptively calming rhetoric of those who have come before.  Indeed Obama and Clinton have themselves fronted for the “deep state” and the “military-industrial complex” far more than their supporters dare to admit.

In addition we live in a country that literally spends billions and trillions on war but has, in it’s own capitol city, a metro system along with a key bridge unsafe and falling apart!   We live in a country with rampant police racism, a miserably corrupt for-profit “justice” and prison system, and rising ever-more dangerous social and economic inequalities.   We live in a country where just this Monday some 20 people were shot, 9 killed, in Obama’s hometown of south Chicago!

Of course the solution is not Trump!   He is in fact more result than cause!   But the solution is not Hillary and more of the same either.