TRUMP = “Totally Nuts”…but

13 08 2016

What famous actor Robert  de Niro is saying about Trump is right on (“Totally Nuts”)…almost that is..(see top of WashReport today).  Trump is however a reflection of a significant part of America — the part that is quite understandably (even if they understand little in detail) fed up with the corruptly self-serving political class, the Washington governing establishment pundits and lobbyists all, as well as the main-stream corporate media.  Much of American “exceptionalism” and the hubristic bomb/kill “them” mentality comes from a deep American psychosis that Trump excells at feeding and exploiting.

Trump is not actually nuts….he’s a very clever snake-oil salesman with fascist tendencies resulting from his own inner psychopathic narcissism.    He may even be so twistedly smart that deep down he realizes he’s better off (now that the whole world knows and fears him) not taking on the actual responsibilities of President and claiming forever the election was rigged and this and that.    For if he actually did become President he’d never be able to come even close to fulfilling his outlandish promises but would instead fail miserably time and time again at nearly everything he has come to represent.

At this point does Trump really want to be POTUS or is his inner foxy self telling him what he really wants it to smirkly tweet and scream — always comforably as well as bombasticly — about Hillary and failing America without having to ever make good on any of his Nutsness?