NO to Hillary and Bill…BUT

14 08 2016

We should all be saying a big historic NO to Hillary and Bill and the Dems.  They have done so much wrong, quite understandably lost our trust, misled so badly on so many issues, grossly enriched themselves and their friends in barely legal (and quite probably illegal but not quite provable) ways.   We should all be saying we don’t want anymore to live in a badly tilted oligarchic state run by lying, cheating, corrupt politicians and the parties they control and the manipulations they put us all through via their not really independent NGOs plus mega-rich media/financial (that’s Hollywood and Wall Street) partners.

BUT, however tragically, we don’t have that choice.   Neither the Greens nor the Libertarians are viable alternatives no matter how we might wish one or both to be.   For all of the lies, deceptions, and corruptions of the Democrats, the Republicans are so much worse — and that was so even before they nominated such an extreme psychopathic narcissistic loudmouth bully who should make all Americans cringe before a world that has to put up with us!

Those saying that at this moment we’ve got to go for the lesser of evils — Chomsky among them (see top of today) — are right.   It’s not even close viewed through that lens.

But once the Clintons return to the White House we should concentrate much more on stopping excusing ourselves for having allowed our political system and our governing class to become so mucked up (I refrained from the f word).   We should focus much more on holding our country to its founding values, not tolerating so many things that have so corrupted it, stop swallowing the distortions and lies the “power elite” constantly feed us.  America politics needs a big-time cleanup.  But it is an intervention that will not come from Washington, nor, to be brutally honest, will it come from the heartland where serious understanding is understandable lacking.

This is a job for the privileged academics and independent journalists who need devote themselves far more to exposing what is really going on, and why,  and more than anything else to offering serious solutions.   Together they are supposed to make up the “Fourth Branch of Government”, but they too have been failing us all as well as themselves.   So after November 8th they should rise to the occasion realizing what almost happened to our country, fearful that a peculiar variant of dangerous homegrown American fascism got so close to taking power over the Executive Branch, and remembering what took place in other countries when that happened.