Yemen and Libya

16 08 2016

Yemen and Libya are two more countries the U.S. has destroyed.  What is going on regionally is a historic plot, driven by the Neocons and the Israeli Lobby along with the Saudis, to keep control of the Middle East through increasingly vicious military attacks as well as escalating covert means.  Both the Israelis and the Saudis have Washington doing what they want.

At the moment the U.S. is pouring weapons and “intelligence” into Saudi Arabia to attack Yemen, while escalating its own military attacks in Libya and Syria.   Obama has become the Neocon and Israeli Lobby “facilitator”, despite his rhetoric and original inclinations.

And these same powerful political and financial forces are pushing hard now for Clinton whom they believe will go even beyond what Obama has done for them.    This overall situation also explains why the Saudis have gotten much closer in public, as well as private, with the Israelis, so they can have the Israeli Lobby even more on their side in Washington — a classic deal with the devil for which they can expect growing opposition at home in the years ahead.