Russia + China Challenge US in Syria!

17 08 2016

Russians now using bases in Iran

Chinese now helping Syria militarily and economically

It’s a major geo-strategic strike jointly by Russia and China against the U.S. in the Middle East!

As a result the Neocons, Israelis, and Saudis, are in something of a panic. After they managed to get the U.S. (even under Obama) to militarily intervene in Syria (as well as Libya), they now find Russia and China standing up to them in what could prove to be a decisive counter-attack.   As a consequence the Neocons — always also think Zionists and Israel when this term is used — are pushing Obama to go even further.   The former acting CIA Director even took to public television last week to openly declare that the U.S. must start killing Russians and Iranians in Syria to show them who is boss!

Meanwhile, as you can read at the top of MiddleEast.Org today the Neocons, Israelis, and Saudis are already working hard preparing the way to infiltrate the Clinton Administration and quickly push/twist Hillary to act as they want.   They had an easy time of it with Bush/Cheney who were their natural allies.  They had to outmanuever Obama but eventually they got him to become their “Neocon Facilitator”.   Now they are ramping up for Clinton, partly because Trump is independent of them and not their man, whereas Hillary has already proven time and again she is with them.