18 08 2016

Image result for caricature middle east genocide

The U.N. top representative in Iraq  publicly charged the Americans with Genocide before he had to resign.   His successor was then blown up in his Baghdad office.   And that was  before 9/11!

Now American policies, allies, and weapons, are bringing destruction and genocidal conditions to other countries in the Middle East, yet the American public is hardly aware of what is really happening and why.  Yemen, Syria, Libya!

The “Deep State” (should I say “Dark State”) is behind what is going on — CIA and Pentagon in the lead.   Interwoven but on the whole following orders is the State Dept along many other U.S. government institutions.  Especially when there is a weak, young inexperienced, frightened, President, the White House is often manipulated and/or co-opted.    Interwoven further are many “private sector” organizations including the major print and TV media, along with many false NGOs such as “The National Endowment for Democracy”, the Woodrow Wilson Center, the laughingly misnomered “U.S. Institute for Peace” (all with major government funding and carefully approved leadership).

The “military-industrial complex” President Eisenhower first warned about has become far more rampant and entrenched since his day.

Historically what the U.S. and allies have done for decades, before and after 9/11, is the real reason “terrorism” from the Middle East and from the Arab/Muslim world has exploded and targeted the U.S. and allies.     But then no body in the “main stream media” wants to talk about all that…or dares.