Obama Keeps on Bumbling

20 08 2016

He’s finishing his Presidency and he still hasn’t learned basic lessons!    By at first himself personally totally denying the $400 million payment had anything to do with the  captive Americans in Iran, and then by twisting his own at best incomplete
story so that a “ransom” debate ensued, Obama once again stepped into the
muck and got himself dirty.

Had he been smart Obama could have told Secretary of State Kerry to simply tell the truth
and clearly say: 

A settlement was reached with the Iranians for funds owed them a long time and subject to
international court proceedings where they were likely to prevail for even more money.  Even so, we insisted on not beginning the payments that will overall total about $1.7 billion until the Americans being detained in Iran were released. 

And then Kerry could have added:

We’re proud of how we handled this and other negotiations with the Iranians and it was critical to us that we were able to get our citizens released and back home.  For diplomatic reasons we thought it best to not publicly applaud ourselves until now when we do so because others have been deceiving about what actually happened and trying to exploit with crass partisan political motives that about such matters we completely reject.