SYRIA: Media Propaganda Scandal!

22 08 2016



This commentary from the woman known as SYRIAN GIRL whose online and TV presence for some years now has been quite powerful.   I can’t verify what she says but she is known to be well-connected.

SCANDAL: The photograph of the Syrian boy whose face the media spread everywhere was taken by the same man who beheaded the other Syrian boy!!! Its interesting how the mainstream media treated the two boys, One got dusty, the other got his head slowly sliced off with a blunt knife by US supported FSA rebels. Who do you think got sympathy and exposure? In fact the BBC even cropped out the face of the boy who was beheaded in the image they used for the article which provided justifications for his beheading. The media said the dusty boy was a symbol of the ‘Syrian regimes’ crimes against the Syrian people, I guess that makes the beheaded boy a symbol of the US regimes crimes against the Syrian people.

Mimi Al Laham's photo.
Mimi Al Laham's photo.