Lebanese Woman Tells Us All Where to Get Off!

23 08 2016

Marwa Osman is a very bright, passionate, articulate, woman in Lebanon.   Actually, she’s quite an amazing woman and I say that just from seeing her a few times on international TV!   No doubt she’s been getting lots of shit on Facebook and that explains why she lashed out with the following:

I will talk about this once for the non Middle Eastern people on my friend list and no discussion over the matter is welcomed..after this deleting smart pants people from all social media will begin.

1. If you support any US or NATO aggression against ANY country ANYWHERE on the planet you need psychiatric help and need to get the hell out of my timeline.

2. If you rant about the Syrian crisis saying any bad s*** about the Syrian Arab Army you need to get a grip of your ignorance and need to get the hell out of my timeline.

3. If you as much as THINK TO YOURSELF that HEZBOLLAH is a terrorist organization get the HELL out of my timeline.

4. If you believe for a femtosecond that Israel is an actual state and NOT an aparthied entity with collonial settlers labelled as Israelis who STOLE PALESTINE and rendered the entire ME chaotic. Then you better not show me your face after getting the HELL out of my timeline because I will smack you on sight.

5. If you still are clueless as to what is Isis and you still claim it is of Islam then my darling you are just stupid..i will delete you myself don’t sweat it.

6. Any private message with a stupid reflection concerning how “we middle easterns” are to be blamed for our own atrocities and how we are ruled by dictators who were actually appointed by YOUR GOVERNMENTS TO BEGIN WITH will be first publicized and then humiliated.

Thank you and good night.