Clinton’s Zionist Money Scam

24 08 2016

Hillary and Bill, as well as Obama, have been playing this liberal Zionist big money scam for quite a long time.   They all publicly claim to be for the “Two-State Solution” and “Peace in the Middle East”.  Bill keeps touting that historic picture of him together with Arafat and Rabin on the White House lawn.  Barack  spent years championing an end to Israeli settlements and a state for the Palestinians — with increasingly meaningless rhetoric not action.   Hillary as Sec State along with Kerry her successor has played the game over and over again, explaining why in fact despite all the leverage the Americans could have, things have gotten worse and worse for the Palestinians with each passing year.

Hillary, Bill, and Barack all play this game because their liberal Zionist super benefactors want them to.   Haim Saban — the mega billionaire Israel-first guy is in fact at the top of the list when it comes to giving the Clintons money and he knows very well what he is buying.  There are so many other Jewish Zionist money machines including the super hypocritical  J-Street and Americans for Peace Now crowd, and the wealthy Jews involved with them from Spielbergs to Saltzmans, Pritzkers, Klutznicks, Kovlers and a long list of others.

In many cases trying to deal with their own moral contradictions all of these super-wealthy Jewish Zionist funders keep insisting in public that the “Two-State Solution” must come to be.   But that’s just the smoke-screen.   Far more importantly they keep insisting that more and more billions and super-weapons  must keep flowing to Israel, the BDS movement must be delegitimized, and Israel must be politically protected at the U.N.and all international forums with American threats and vetos.

It is a “Pay to Play” game, actually Trump is right about that.  And The Donald does in fact know a great deal about how “Pay to Play” works.

As a result Bill Clinton actually helped destroy the possibility of a real “Two-State Solution” ever coming to be, Barack Obama has sent more billions and weapons to Israel than any President before him, and Hillary Clinton is totally owned by Saban and the liberal Zionist fat cats  when it comes to Israel.

Actually it’s not only’s the entire U.S. Middle East policy which is so very much influenced if not determined by the “Israeli Lobby”…a collection of many organizations, think-tanks, hyper money personalities, and publications.    With their mega bucks and constant threats it is this “lobby” which has kept the Clintons, and Obama as well, not only in line, but doing their work for them.