Huma – Jumping to her Defense

26 08 2016

The Trumpies are trying to tar Hillary via her long-time top assistant Huma Abedin claiming some kind of anti-semitic connections when she was a journalist and worked for a Muslim publication with Saudi connections and still run by her mother.  Just imagine… they are asserting in a headline that “the publication claimed Jews were ‘adept at working the American political system’.”

First of all that claim is not only very very true it is also quite well-known and quite widely accepted especially by Jews themselves.  Such phrasing is actually quite mild and fully responsible.   Indeed, after combing through Huma’s past with the proverbial fine tooth metaphor, and after no doubt going through every word she has herself written and every article in every issue of the publication ever published, it seems the Trumpies have actually found nothing at all that isn’t sound and professional and thoughtful.

I’ve only met Huma once as we talked for a few minutes  bank at an event we were both attending, so there is no personal connection here.   Her choice of husband and all the money double-dipping are questionable; but quite understandable in view of her life in the inner-Clinton orbit for decades now since her GWU days and her short walk to the White House for her internship that started it all.

Overall Huma seems to be quite a remarkable woman who has managed to handle so many things for so many years so very well.  And the Trumpies haven’t been able to find anything about her at all it seems…so they are using the “anti-Semitic label” and the fact that she’s rightly proud of her Muslim heritage to try to smear her.

In the process the Trumpies are only showing how desperate and despicable and bigoted they themselves are!

Whatever one thinks of Hillary as the now likely first woman POTUS, Huma deserves and probably will have a key spot right at her side quite possibly as White House Chief of Staff.