Peace Now – BDS It!

27 08 2016

Americans for Peace Now

The name itself has always been a major deception.   PEACE NOW is a clever front-organization under the effective control of the mainstream Israeli Zionists “liberals”(i.e. Labor Party of old) as well as the Presidents Conference in the USA which itself is under the control of the Israeli Government.  Used to do there work, especially in the US, are wealthy guilt-ridden hypocritical American Jews who love to give each other awards and accolades.

It’s a long complicated story and in recent years before reaching this conclusion I’ve had many hours of private conversations and meetings with the current Chairman of Americans for Peace Now, Jim Klutznick.   In recent months I’ve ended all contact and told Jim that our long-time friendship going back more than 30+ years is over and we are in fact no longer even friends but rather Jewish and moral “enemies”.  It is my conclusion after a great deal of experience that adding PEACE NOW to the BDS list, however  surprising and confusing to many, is the right thing to do.  They are not agents of real peace; but rather they are masked agents of duplicitous Zionism and American imperialism — which of course also explains their aggressive support and financing of Hillary.

Peace Now is one of the tricky Zionist organizations working overtime against BDS.  That and so many other reasons are why those who support BDS — especially at Universities and Churches — should be boycotting and ending contact with Peace Now.

For the few who may not quite know what I mean by BDS — the letters  stand for “Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions”    So by “BDS It” when it comes to Peace Now I mean….Boycott it. stay away from it, and certainly do not contribute to or support it!