Oops…..about Huma and Hillary and Weiner!

29 08 2016

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When I came to the defense of Huma the other day I was not aware that a large number of the Huma/Hillary emails were in fact not released after all –(http://www.washreport.com/frame.cgi?a=2016_8_26.html)   More than a third were totally 100% redacted, and some are said to be so highly classified now (even though they were sent in the clear on Hillary’s own email home server) that even leading members of Congress and the Inspector General of National Intelligence do not have security clearance high enough to read them!

Nor was I aware that the State Department, in defiance of a Federal Judge’s Order, is stalling on the release of Hillary’s daily schedule when Sec State until after the election.   So all those Clinton Foundation-related meetings Hillary had, most facilitated by Huma, are not going to be known after all.

Nor was I aware that after Hillary promised, including under oath to a court, that she had turned over any and all emails that could have anything to do with her work at Sec State, the FBI has uncovered 15,000 more she did not turn over and tried to destroy!

Nor was I aware that Huma husband Weiner (with the Clintons behind the marriage) is still sexting himself online while Huma galavants around the country with Hillary.  (see front page about Anthony Weiner at WashReport.com today)

But even so, this former White House intern who entire professional life has been with the Clintons has only been doing what she has been told and so well trained to do by Hillary.  The burden of responsibility is not Huma’s…it is beyond doubt all Hillary’s.   Whether the lesbian lover rumors are true or not there do seem to be many scandals involving both the Clintons and the Weiners making one wonder if blackmail by those who know and have proof has to also be a consideration now.  It’s happened before!