Will Wikileaks Bring Hillary Down?

30 08 2016

WikiLeaks Set Hillary Clinton In The Crosshairs - Absolute Rights

Wilileaks, and founder Julian Assange, may yet bring Hillary down, and if that happens will be one of those responsible for The Donald becoming POTUS.   When Trump announced he was running, he himself probably didn’t believe this would actually happen.   Now he is within striking distance  of the ultimate symbol of power; and what’s coming from Wikileaks could help push Hillary further downward and propel Trump forward.

Obama and Hillary are behind all the false charges made against Assange, behind the plot to get him extradicted from Europe to the U.S. for imprisonment along with one of his main leakers, Chelsea Manning.   Because of Obama and Hillary Assange has been forced  for the past 5 years to live in the cramped Ecuadoran Embassy in London, never able to leave it.  There may have been a recent mysterious assassination attempt against him.   One of his most famous international lawyers was recently mysteriously killed by a London subway.  And a Democratic National Committee staffer, who may have been the whistleblower who leaked key documents to Wikileaks in recent months, was mysteriously shot to death recently near his Capitol Hill in the middle of the night — it wasn’t robbery as valuables were all left at the killing scene.

Assange is preparing, and giving TV interviews to pre-announce, the coming major “document release” of Hillary’s secret, and thought to be destroyed, emails plus much more they say.  Is this payback time?   Is Assange now trying to protect himself and sources with the advance TV appearances?   Probably both on top of the original Wilileaks purposes overall.

Among the things Assange has been saying of late and which the coming document release will document:

“Hillary was overriding the Pentagon’s reluctance to overthrow Moammar Quadaffi because they predicted that the postwar outcome would be something like what it is – which is ISIS taking over the country. It’s Hillary who was the leading champion to do that. She has a long history of being a liberal war hawk.”