FlashBack Hillary Benghazi – I wrote this in 2012 during that election campaign!

31 08 2016

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Barack, Joe, Hillary, Susan – You all Screwed Up on the Cover Up

16 October 2012:    Four days after the attack that killed the American Ambassador in Benghazi, a few hours after U.N. Ambassador Rice went on a blitz of the Sunday talk shows, I wrote to a friend who is a major supporter of the Obama Administration:

“Susan Rice was not very good today. How she thinks she can coverup so blatantly is beyond me. Worse yet is the thought that they don’t even know what others are saying and how bad it looks to handle things in such a way. Not prepared! Not credible! Very bad diplomacy. Not even good politics. She’s not up to the Sec State job!”

Yesterday, now after more than a month and with Presidential debate #2 lurking today, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton rushes to be interviewed while in Peru to proclaim “I take full responsibility” for what happened.  “But we still don’t know all the facts!”

They still don’t get it! Twisting the facts for political gain, compounding excuses on top of excuses, trying to wiggle out of what was said before, only causes them to loose still more credibility and stature.

Now Obama could be asked tonight, and rightly so, if major things that happen and are handled badly aren’t in the end his responsibility.  Obama rushed forward in the middle of the night to take credit for killing Bin Laden — another story we now know they greatly embellished for political gain and outright lied about critical details.  By the time I wrote what I did, Commander-in-Chief Obama should have come forward, taken responsibility, and had already had plenty of time to get the overall facts straight.

Let’s hope tonight Obama isn’t going to parrot his Vice-President’s attempts to deflect responsibility proclaming “We didn’t know, no one told us” or try to escape by saying Hillary was responsible!

We need and expect you to be President, Mr. President!   If I and so others already knew a few days after,  how come they are still insisting they need an investigation to find out what happened.   Such investigation commissions are in fact the tools used for delay, obfuscation, and coverup.

True the Romney folks are manipulating all this for their political gain. But if a sitting President, VP, Secretary of State, and UN Ambassador day after day, week after week, can’t handle a relatively straight-forward  situation like this much better than they have…   I rest my case.