Hillary Panicking?

1 09 2016

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Despite the major Electoral College advantage she started with, looks like Hillary may be faltering and panicking.

In the latest ABC News Poll she is disliked by as many Americans as is Trump – 59% to 60%.

The whopping 15,000 emails “recovered” by the FBI and which Hillary had falsely promised were not relevant and not subject to the legal requirements to be kept, are going to be leaking out.

Wikileaks is about to dump what they say are smoking gun emails and documents.

Trump’s Mexico venture yesterday was a major plus and shows his campaign is organized to move fast and hard and take advantage quickly of such situations.

Overall Hillary’s numbers, who considerable lead after the conventions, are going down while Trump’s are going up. ¬†Plus Huma and Weiner headlines haven’t helped; especially as their saga reminds us all of the Clintons own and that Bill himself officiated at Huma’s marriage.

The new announcement that POTUS Obama is going to campaign a dozen times with Hillary before the election, and that VP Biden will be joining her twice a week from now on, suggests she can’t quite handle things alone and needs big help to counter the major Trump crowds and enthusiasm which she has not been able to even closely match so far. ¬† She’ll be using the biggies to try to counter all the above…but I’m no longer quite sure she is going to be able to weather all the storms ahead.

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