Trump’s Triumph

2 09 2016

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With his Mexico visit and his major Phoenix speech the same day this week Trump looked both Presidential and tough-minded within hours   It was definitely his most triumphant well-orchestrated campaign day so far.   Next week Trump has another challenge, quite an opportunity in fact,  to further enhance his foreign policy image.  NBC’s Commander in Chief evening on the 7th with feature both he and Hillary appearing separately but back to back on the same program for the first time and with the same questions.

An indication of what a great success Trump’s Mexican gambit was came the morning after when not only the NYTimes slammed him hard, so did the Washington Post’s right-wing  blogger/op ed page writer.  Herself aligned with the articulate neocons Jennifer Rubin viciously lambasted Trump showing just how frightened both the liberals and the right-wingers are of Trump, so much so they are even double-teaming him trying, but so far failing, to take him down and keep him there.


Israeli Gershon Baskin – “PEACE” HUSTLER

2 09 2016

Mahmoud Abbas (Abu Mazen) salutes <b>Gerson</b> <b>Baskin</b> | Gershon <b>Baskin</b>

Israeli Gershon Baskin is trying to hustle more invitations and money from unknowing and gullible American Jews and church groups for himself and his organization Israel Palestine Creative Regional Initiatives — a reincarnation of an earlier similar political scam.   Baskin now wants people to send tax-deductibe checks to an address in Philadelphia and make deposits to his American bank account.    What’s worse though is that he actually has a bigger more sinister reason for being.

Baskin is a long-time “Peace Hustler” and while he claims that he’s in the forefront of working with the Palestinians it’s all really an extended political  con game.   Other than a few sold-out on-the-take “Palestinian Authority” types, very few Palestinians trust or even hang out with Baskin despite his  decades of fraudulent “dialogue” efforts.   People and groups here in the US should not be taken in and certainly not give money to Baskin.  They should instead invite serious, honest, and independent people to their schools and churches to tell them the dire realities of the Israeli-Palestinian predicament today, a situation which Baskin and his friends have helped bring about.

Baskin and his fellow travelers in J Street and Peace Now really have another agenda.  That is trying to push away, push out, and push under the really serious and thoughtful persons and groups who are associated with such organizations as Jewish Voices for Peace and Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions.   And so, what thoughtful concerned people should do is cancel any meetings arranged with Baskin and alternatively invite JVP or BDS people.   At the very least don’t allow Baskin to appear alone and play his games,  rather require him to appear with and debate reps from JVP or BDS.

P.S.  I do not have any role with either organization; but I do know the difference between a huckster like Baskin and truly dedicated persons and groups worthy of respect and support.