Is Trump Right Obama/Clinton created ISIS?

3 09 2016

Actually yes.   Trump phrases things ineloquently and clearly doesn’t know the history, context and details.  So here’s a more serious summary.

The Neocons along with the Saudis and Israelis all along wanted to find a way to keep Obama  facilitating their overall policies, whether Obama knew it or not, regardless of whether he wanted to or not.  Pushing to get Obama to send more arms, have the CIA and unaccountable “special forces” do the heavy lifting, create a “no-fly zone” even if de facto, use more drones, and finance numerous mercenary forces to take down the Assad regime was and is their goal.   After Syria taking down Hezbollah (Lebanon) and then big target Iran was always their master plan.  Turkey had been pulled into the anti-Damascus alliance more and more along the way. Plus Obama got maneuvered early on years ago into publicly stating U.S. policy was to end the Baath regime in Damascus…as the U.S. had  done in Baghdad and Kabul and then in Tripoli.

That’s how the U.S. got so deeply involved whether by design or misstep in the imbroglio that led to the creation of what is now called ISIS in the Levant.   When the Assad regime didn’t fall the U.S. supplied more weapons, more money, and more CIA operatives, trainers, drones to the many and splintered Islamic groups.   As ISIS grew it took on a life, many lives in fact, of its own.   As the U.S. escalated against Damascus/Hezbollah/Iran  ISIS and its many affiliates and offshoots got stronger, some fighting each other for supremacy with the expectation of taking Damascus and maybe Iraq as well.

Meanwhile increasingly desperate and confused in Iraq and Syria, as well as Afghanistan, the Americans further armed and trained the Kurds as another of their mercenary forces….but of course the Kurds had and have their own regional agenda as well.   When ISIS got too big and powerful and independent, using the Kurds and Turks against ISIS further escalated — the U.S, Israel and the Saudis thinking they’d be able to control the Kurds and the Turks much easier than what ISIS had become.   For the Israelis it’s a win-win no matter what happens — Arabs fighting Arabs, Muslims fighting Muslims, further fracturing of regional countries and groups leaving Israel and the U.S. dominant and allied with “client-regimes” in Saudi, Egypt, Jordan, and the mega-rich Gulf fiefdoms.

Plus of course the Russians decided to block the Americans in Syria; though the great struggle is about geopolitical maneuvering for control and influence in the whole future Middle East that is emerging from the disastrous hundred years of Sykes-Picot and unchallenged Western imperialism.

Then the most recent major development with the Turks invading parts of Syria to block the Kurds and the Americans forced to help Turkey after the failed coup.

LOL…No wonder Trump doesn’t understand this extraordinarily confusing and ever-shifting ideological, political, and economic landscape.   Yet…in his bombastic and simplistic way, his charge against Obama/Clinton is actually right.