Crumbling Stupid Fearful America

4 09 2016

PANIC AIRPORT EVACUATIONS – Americans are so fearful that a false shout of “terrorist” can cause great big airports to be evacuated, air travel to be badly disrupted, and hundreds of police to draw their guns as if at war.

THE WASHINGTON MONUMENT – Closed now for another 9 months to fix the elevator that was supposed to be fixed during the two-year closing just a few years ago.  9 Months!

VAN NESS METRO ENTRANCE – Three years to fix it…just a short escalator and stairway on the West side.  3 Years!

DC METRO – Quite literally falling apart though it is one of the newest metro systems.  They were even contemplating closing the whole thing for 6 months!  Instead a year or more of partial closures are underway; and then they don’t even want to resume the longer weekend schedule but instead will be closing it at midnight even on weekends!

MEMORIAL BRIDGE – This key bridge across the Potomac going to Arlington Cemetary, National Airport, and Alexandria is crumbling and in danger of being shut down completely in a few years.

Just imagine the benefits if all the billions (trillions in fact) spent on the imperialist wars and the vast army of “security agencies” and personal were devoted to these FAR LESS COSTLY infrastructure projects?

Just imagine the benefits if the real killers of Americans — 35000 yearly on the highways and 100,000 from hospital borne infections as examples — had been attacked with the energy and monies now devoted to countering “terrorism” which in fact kills very few but has America so on edge all the time.