Spies at The Woodrow Wilson Center?

7 09 2016

Image result for picture the woodrow wilson centerThe Turks, along with the Iranians and the Russians and Chinese as well, are right to suspect the officials and scholars at the Woodrow Wilson Center — at least in some cases — of being spies….if not de facto de jure.     

A group from Washington headed by the Middle East Director of The Wilson Center arrived in Turkey just before the coup attempt and then hastily departed when it failed.   Many in Turkey accused this group of fronting for the CIA in helping prepare the coup and getting ready for what would have followed.  The Director has recently and quite loudly insisted he and his group being there was just an accident of timing.

I don’t know if any of those on the delegation were involved in any way in the coup.   But I do know that The Wilson Center is one of the main conduits for contact with country and regional experts including intelligence officials and should be suspect.   Long ago when it was younger and quite different I was the special consultant for the Middle East at The Wilson Center – back when it was in the Smithsonian Castle.  Since those years it has grown considerably in its new far larger headquarters at the Reagan Center and most of all the Israeli Lobby has pretty much taken it over.

If I were advising those in Ankara, or Moscow, or Beijing, I would say yes be very suspicious of those associated with The Wilson Center.  Most of them, at minimum, are not independent and have close inter connections to the American government especially the State Department and CIA.   Furthermore everyone connected these days to The Wilson Center, both staff and scholars, has to be OKed by The Israel Lobby which has complete control there from top to bottom.   Much more needs to be investigated and said about this…but not here and not today.