False and Fake “President” Abbas

8 09 2016

Mahmoud Abbas has brought terrible probably irrevocable harm to the Palestinian people.   He knew about and was a key participant in the cover up the assassination of Yasser Arafat in 2004 that brought him to power.  He “took office” with the help of the Americans, Israelis, and Europeans — CIA and Shinbet in the forefront.  Then he attempted a coup against the Hamas leaders who won the 2006 West Bank and Gaza Parliamentary election which made it possible for the Israelis to divide Gaza from the West Bank and to swallow Jerusalem.    Then he has held onto power all these years with one excuse after another refusing to allow any further elections — his four-year term long ago expired.  And now he has used more tricks to have one of his controlled courts end the election that was scheduled for 8 October in which it was expected his supporters would be defeated.

Abbas and his PA have functioned as an Israeli and US puppets, stooges, collaborators, and traitors.   He should have been thrown out and exiled, better yet arrested, by his own people, years ago.  But since the US and Israel give him guns and money, and since they kill and imprison legitimate Palestinian leaders including Marwan Barghouti, Abbas remains in power.  The Palestinians may never recover from the historic harm he has brought upon them.  Remember as well it was Abbas who was the Palestinian who signed the terribly duplicitous agreement with Israel at the White House in 1993 that set the Palestinians on the decline to serfdom and apartheid from which they may now never recover.