8 09 2016

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Taking on Hillary and moaning/fearing in advance an Obama/Clinton  THIRD TERM  does not mean supporting or even accepting Trump.  OMG I’ve termed him a psychopathic narcissist for a long time and certainly the most dangerous man to be close to the White House in modern times.   Indeed Trump’s twisting and lying is a league beyond Hillary’s!   But that said, Hillary is herself oh-so-dangerous and beyond that she is  gradually falling, while Trump is gaining by attempting to act Presidential.

Just a few Middle East-related comments about Hillary last night:

  • She insisted that no ground troops will be sent to Iraq or Syria when in fact she and Obama have already done that, calling them advisers, special forces, contractors, drone pilots, with more and more CIA operatives.  Obama/Clinton have failed over and over in the Middle East refusing to take the hard change-of-course decisions many of us thought we were electing them to make.  In many ways they have actually made things considerably worse than when they took office!
  • She insisted that not a single American was killed toppling (and brutally sodomizing to death) Qaddafi in Libya, totally overlooking the killing of the Ambassador and others in Benghazi in the aftermath, not to mention such death and destruction in the country (which she again claimed she intervened to protect!)
  • Not a word about Israel and Palestine where Obama/Clinton really screwed up big-time making things worse than ever while actually super-arming and financing the Israelis more than any U.S. government before them (their chief money-man  Super-Zionist Haim Saban cheering and bribing them on)
  • Not a word about the Saudis and what they have done in Bahrain and Yemen and Syria and Egypt, and all the money to the Clinton Foundation, not to mention the tens of billions in super arms and CIA help being provided to them.