Crooked Hillary?

11 09 2016

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Clinton is insistent it seems on feeding the incessant and truth-be-told nauseating Trump slogan machine.

Now tonight she wants us to believe that she was actually diagnosed with pneumonia on Friday, 9 September, but only told us today because she kind of lost her balance , was “over-heated”, and so she had to be whisked away from the 9/11 ceremony this morning stumbling and helped by secret service holding her up from collapsing onto the street.

Then, it just happens right before the evening news program, they send her doctor out to tell this pneumonia tale with no explanation why if they knew she had pneumonia we weren’t told that two days ago and why, if they knew she had pneumonia, she was sent to stand outside at ground zero on such a “hot” day (actually just 80 degrees).    By the way there were no reports of any other persons — dignitaries or common folk — suffering “over-heating” though many thousands of persons were standing out there far longer than constantly attended to and pampered Hillary.

In addition the story gets put out just in time to explain in the hours ahead I bet (but who knows with Hillary) why she is cancelling or “changing” her tomorrow Monday and maybe more days schedule now because her doctors are telling her she has to “rest”.


9/11 15

11 09 2016

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It’s become America’s religion…something that brings them together as nothing else does.   That it is false, that the official story is not true, that the investigation Commission was “set up to fail”, that the three Trade Towers were blown up, that the Pentagon was hit by a missile with wings, that 9/11 was from the start a historic false flag/excuse justifying all that has come since…all of that is not discussable by most Americans…just as the myths of religion.

We’re 15 years into post-9/11 now, millions dead, more millions refugees, countries destroyed, $5 Trillion and counting for Americans, police-state tactics at home as well as abroad, the government still refusing to set up a real investigation Commission, the world closer than ever to WWIII…and the American people more divided, insecure, fearful, and being drained of their freedoms than ever.

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