9/11 15

11 09 2016

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It’s become America’s religion…something that brings them together as nothing else does.   That it is false, that the official story is not true, that the investigation Commission was “set up to fail”, that the three Trade Towers were blown up, that the Pentagon was hit by a missile with wings, that 9/11 was from the start a historic false flag/excuse justifying all that has come since…all of that is not discussable by most Americans…just as the myths of religion.

We’re 15 years into post-9/11 now, millions dead, more millions refugees, countries destroyed, $5 Trillion and counting for Americans, police-state tactics at home as well as abroad, the government still refusing to set up a real investigation Commission, the world closer than ever to WWIII…and the American people more divided, insecure, fearful, and being drained of their freedoms than ever.

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