OBAMA – The Neocon and Zionist FACILATOR!

15 09 2016


Image result for caricature israel and u.s.

Israel has just signed a major new 10-year agreement with Washington for more super arms and more billions than ever before.  Once again Obama has become the Neocon and Zionist facilitator.   The “Peace Process”, ending Israel settlements, and saving the “Two-State Solution” are all memories Obama, Clinton, Rice, and Kerry, never even talk about any more.

So let me repeat because when Obama is soon now gone what he has done, and not done, has set the stage for much greater warfare, bloodshed, and destruction in the years ahead…maybe even a greater major regional Middle East war and beyond.

Obama leaves the White House not as anything approaching peace-making – his Nobel Peace Prize should be rescinded – as he was in reality used and transformed into the NEOCON and ZIONIST FACILITATOR.