Another defection to the dark side

17 09 2016

No, I could never support The Donald no matter what — and many of those who do are even worse than him!  And yet I can kind of sympathize with Peter Lavelle who has just told the world this:

Personal announcement: I am changing my position – I have decided to back Donald Trump. This is not an easy decision for me. I find American presidential politics deplorable – yes deplorable. But, Hillary Clinton is a political disaster of epic propositions. Her record is deplorable. She represents the War Party and is corrupt as the day is long. This should not be viewed as a ringing endorsement of Trump. I simply worry about all of our futures. And that future should not be entrusted in the hands of Hillary Clinton. Make no mistake about it – if elected Trump can expect my usual harsh criticism of politicians.

Lavelle is a very bright and quite unusually knowledgeable fellow who hosts the exceptionally interesting “CrossTalk” Program on RT.  He’s actually a California kid, who was a Fulbright Scholar which took him to Eastern Europe and Russia years ago.

To my mind it would have been better for Lavelle to say he can’t support either of the evils and is choosing not to endorse the “lesser of evils” attitude.  It would have been even been for him to go with the Greens or Libertarians than to actually endorse Trump…whom he should have clearly acknowledged is also a “political disaster of epic proportions” (yes he misspelled it in his statement, lol), though of a very different kind.  Or he could have just thrown up his hands and said no way to be supportive of either of these two bozos!

BUT…taking everything into consideration…I can understand, though not appreciate or agree, why someone as smart and in-the-know as Lavelle has gone over to the dark side.  Just shows how on edge we all are now; plus after all he lives in Moscow where Trump has become rather popular since so many of the top American neocons and anti-Russia warriors having defected from the Republicans to Hillary.