Pentagon Attacks Syrian Army! Lies Claiming “Mistake”!

18 09 2016


Yesterday was a huge attack by the U.S. Army on the Syria Army — 60+ killed, 100+ injured.   The Pentagon is claiming it made a mistake.   What a fucking joke!   For weeks now the Pentagon has been leaking disdain for the geopolitical agreement made by Obama/Kerry with the Russians that brought about a “ceasefire” that helps the Assad Regime in Damascus.   The Defense Sec has even leaked Pentagon “disapproval” to The Washington Post provoking an emergency meeting with Obama.  How interesting that immediately after the attack the ISIS fighters were all ready to jump in and advance against the Syrians, even as the Pentagon was crocodile smiling with the “mistake” lingo.

Only a dismissal of one or more Generals who are responsible, or of the Defense Sec himself which of course Obama has the legal power but not to the political power to do, can change the dynamics now.   The Pentagon hawks, in coordination with the Neocons, and their Israeli and Saudi minions in Washington, all want to undermine and end the “ceasefire” and any further agreements with Russia.  They know Obama is on the way out and far too weak and confused to stop them.  They want to escalate the march on Assad and Damascus and then on to Hezbollah and Lebanon and the big prize one way or another, Iran.

And, btw, has anyone noticed that there has been no Congressional approval, no vote even, for this new war on Syria.  Well, actually, its not really new.  The Americans and their partners in the region (primarily the Saudis and Israelis) provoked this war and have been arming and financing mercenary groups including ISIL for years already.   But especially after the Russian intervention to block the toppling of Assad the Americans have been escalating their involvement including with more trainers, advisers, agents, and more recently direct involvement of U.S. troop and attack aircraft.