Hollywood Cowards – The case of Amal Clooney

20 09 2016

“I believe in international justice.  I believe you don’t just turn the page without holding those responsible to account”.   So sayeth Amal Clooney.   And yet she is very politically correct and refuses to look at her own  leaders who have committed even worse crimes and even worse “genocides” for which she and her husband as Americans are even more responsible.  “Courageous” Amal Clooney is a victim of “Cowardly” Hollywood and USA.

Amal Clooney is on a new mission to bring ISIS leaders to international trial for “genocide”.  No doubt she believes she is being courageous and doing the right thing…including getting lots of publicity.   Problem is she’s a tragic victim of Hollywood cowardice and group-think.

Because she is taking risks with her person she is in fact quite courageous.   But actually it’s pretty easy politically to go after ISIS in the U.S. and get lots of media exposure and attention as she does.

Have those in ISIS done terrible things to Yazidi and other women as is Ms. Clooney’s current focus?    OMG yes!   But how come Amal Clooney isn’t condemning the millions of deaths and more millions injured and made refugees by her own new country, America?  How come Ms. Clooney in her current U.N. interviews isn’t even remembering that a former top official of the U.N., Dennis Halliday, courageously resigned quite publicly charging the U.S. with “genocide” in Iraq.   How come she isn’t condemning the Israelis for what they have done to the Palestinians and demonstrating her concerns for human rights by joining the BDS movement?

In short how come Ms. Clooney is now only saying and doing what is politically correct in the U.S. after marrying George and moving to Hollywood?    If one is going to truly and credibly defend human rights and speak out against gross international law violations and genocide one cannot be selective and overlook those countries and those leaders who are one’s own.  Ms. Clooney it seems has been infected by “liberal” yet far too often “cowardly” Hollywood where her greater interest seems to be to play it cool and chic and also, it seems, spend lots of time and money cheering for Hillary Clinton despite the death and destruction she has wrought to so many around the world, including the “genocide” she directly helped bring to Iraq and beyond.