Obama Saudi Veto OVERRIDEN!

24 09 2016

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Yesterday President Obama vetoed, on behalf of Saudi Arabia which he had absolutely promised he would, the soon to be law (despite his veto) that will allow the Saudi State and key individuals to be sued for their role in 9/11.   The bill was passed unanimously by both House and Senate and the VETO OVERRIDEN headline is likely next week.  This is good, VERY GOOD, but for different reasons than are behind the Congressional decision.

Is it good that the Saudi dictatorship monarchy can be sued and put on the defensive?   Sure is!   Just look at what they have done in the Middle East fomenting the wars in Yemen and Syria and Bahrain, not to mention at home!   Plus they are the biggest supporter of the military-industrial complex — more than $100 billion in super arms in the current pipeline!  Will it be good when the Saudi monarchy is history and the land known as Arabia again?   So many Arabs and Muslims in the Middle East would privately say yes indeed!

BUT the unexpected result of the new law is even more important.   With the Americans having taken this step, with this precedent, other countries throughout the world can follow in the footsteps and make it possible to sue American corporations and individuals, not to mention the American government, for what they have done in our world!   International law lawyers on your mark!

Furthermore the same law will make it possible for those who believe, and have various kinds of circumstantial evidence, that the Israelis were also involved in 9/11, quite possibly in even more subversive and hidden ways, to be sued in American courts as well.   We’re not quite there yet but what is happening right with this Saudi-targeted law is opening this door as well; which is one of the reasons the Israelis are staying very very quiet and pretending they don’t care wanting to keep any mention of them out of the headlines and out of mind.