Why and Where Bernie?

25 09 2016

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He’s almost forgotten now.  Not much enthusiasm it seems for Hillary.   But Bernie’s movement has been kind of left on hold, maybe to be revived big-time if Hillary goes down to defeat.    Even so, still there is a critical simple question that needs be asked.   Why did this old graying guy from a little State who is more Socialist than Democrat, and who had not even been to a Dem Party Convention before, catch on political fire with so many, especially the young?

The answer is pretty simple.  Bernie was the real HOPE and CHANGE principled breadth of fresh air that Obama turned out not to be.   After the great seduction followed by grand sell-out from Obama, after accepting the stale smells from the Clintons for so long, after watching the country polarizing and descending in so many ways, aging graying, socialist, Bernie from Vermont was able to capture the desperate hopes for real HOPE and CHANGE of so many, especially the young.

If Hillary wins her ability to govern will be extremely circumspect at best.   If Trump wins the Dem Party will be filled with recriminations and doubts; but then Trump’s ability to govern will be even more limited and he will be nearly totally unable to fulfill his sloganeering promises.

Into this vacuum what was the Bernie movement has a historic opportunity to transform itself into a major and growing force in American life; maybe even into a new party along with many who have already gone independent with the Libertarians and the Greens as well as those ready to defect from the Republicans.   But that will take much more than Bernie, it will take either a remake of the Dem Party itself or major defections, starting with Bernie himself.

Image result for caricature bernie hope and change