Syria – Regional becoming World War

26 09 2016


It started with the US/Israel/Saudi stealth pushing to topple the Baath Regime in Syria in preparation for destroying Hezbollah in Lebanon and then one way or another bringing down the regime, and the revolution, in Iran.   That was more than five years ago.

Actually it started at 9/11 with the then secret plan to bring down 7 regimes in 5 years starting with Iraq and ending with Iran.

Well actually it started with those who fomented 9/11 knowing it would be the “New Pearl Harbor” and they could use it to allow the Neocon/Israel policies that go back quite a long time to be implemented.

In recent years Obama allowed himself to become the Neocon and Zionist Facilitator rather than reigning in the military-industrial complex,  forcing the Israelis to end the occupation of Palestine, and forcing the Saudis to cease and desist.  As he prepares to depart Washington Obama has set the stage for a much expanded regional Middle East war, with no end in sight, and further clashes with Russia, and even China and beyond, that will take the form of expanded military, economic, cyber, and space warfare in the years ahead.