27 09 2016

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When it comes to people like me and nearly all the students and professors at American University where I was last night for the Great Debate, Hillary clearly won on style, demeanor, points, even “stamina”.   But that’s my world; and clearly not that of many befuddled Americans who are so fed up that they will vote for even a psychopathic narcissist who so unconvincingly promises to “Make America Great Again”.

One thing we can be very sure of however.   America lost.  We all lost.   The world lost. As a perceptive student friend from Latin America told before the debate, one of them should not even be running and the other should be in prison.

American politics is now more polarized and dysfunctional than ever, and at such a critical historical time with so many major issues and decisions looming at a pace  that literally makes ones head spin!   Neither Hillary nor The Donald will be able to govern. Either will take office more despised and loathed  than anyone here in super political Washington can remember.

So it’s time for all of us, whatever our current political proclivities, to be more anxious and fearful than ever in our troubled and fading once but no longer “land of the free and home of the brave”.