Shimon Peres

28 09 2016

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He more than anyone else brought nuclear weapons to the Middle East.   He tricked the Palestinians into signing the false peace deal at the White House, managing like Menachem Begin before him to get a most undeserved Nobel Peace Prize.

I met him alone only once when long ago I interviewed him for an hour when I was a young journalist and he was already one of Israel’s top personalities plotting engagement of the Palestinians in an endless “peace process” that would give Israel the time and space needed to further expand settlements and control the West Bank and Jerusalem.

No doubt many from around the U.S. and Europe  will now be heading to Israel to laud his many in some ways unique accomplishments in building Israel.  But few will be mentioning how he helped set the Middle East on fire and make a real “Two-State Solution” and Israeli-Palestinian peace impossible.  Just look at what the policies Peres championed have done to the Palestinians, to the Middle East region, and to Israel itself!