29 09 2016

Image result for caricature u.s. russia war

Top American Generals have used the term “War with Russia” lately, and in public!   The State Department spokesman said yesterday “Russian interests” even “Russia cities” could be attacked and more Russians will continue coming home in “body bags”.   He was in context alluding to U.S. allies and U.S. trained/armed mercenary forces doing the direct attacking; but the extension to more general war could not be missed as he emphasized that “diplomacy could fail” and there are “other ways”.

This month the Pentagon/CIA purposefully and immediately undermined the tortuously brokered U.S.-Russia “ceasefire”.   There were hundreds of “rebel” attacks, plus the U.S. “mistake” bombing of strategic Syrian forces, plus the attack on the U.N. convoy (probably by U.S.tasked and deniable “rebels”), before the ceasefire totally fizzled when Syria and Russian forces massively responded in Aleppo.   There was also, reports are sketchy, a major Russian attack in Syria on a secret coordination gathering, organized by the U.S., of senior intelligence officials from many countries.

Now the Americans are threatening strategic escalation green-lighting the Saudis and Gulf States supplying man-pad missiles to down Syria and Russia planes and once again threatening to impose “no fly zones” as was done years ago when, so to speak, the shit hit the fan in Iraq and Libya.

But this time it is different.   Russian forces are engaged directly in Syria, Chinese forces are far more quietly on the ground as well, along with of course Lebanese and Iranian troops.   Against them are all the mercenary groups armed and trained by the U.S., U.K., France, Australia, Israel, Saudi, Gulf, Turkey, along with of course CIA and Pentagon “trainers” and “advisers”.

This is what proxy modern-day nuclear-age World War looks like.  Things could escalate further and faster anytime now.  Among other things the Washington war hawks along with the Israelis and Saudis want to create a situation locking in the next American President, just as they outmaneuvered Obama turning him into the Neocon Facilitator.   Yes indeed, as Obama prepares to depart, battered and defeated, lately quite publicly embarrassed and insulted in so many ways by so many, he has in fact set the stage for further escalating multi-war rather than fulfill his promises of “hope” and “change”.