International Lawyers Employment Act

30 09 2016

The U.S. Congress has just overridden severely lamb-duck Obama’s veto so Saudi Arabia can now be sued in American courts over 9/11 and “terrorism”.   This is called the “Justice Against Sponsors of Terrorism Act,” or JASTA.   Yes, read that name again for it also should be named “The International Lawyers Employment Act”.

Smart as well as hustling international lawyers will now race to try to sue in national courts around the world, as well as International Courts, for such things as:

  • US/UK Invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan and beyond – millions Killed
  • US Drone Killings – thousands of innocent women and children killed
  • US CIA assassinations – many
  • Israeli involvement in 9/11 – considerable circumstantial evidence
  • US police killings of unarmed blacks
  • Israeli attack on the U.S.S. Liberty Ship – damning evidence
  • Saudi genocide in Yemen
  • U.S./NATO regime change in Libya – tens of thousands killed
  • U.S./Saudi/Gulf/Turkey arming of the Islamic radicals in Syria

The legal Pandora’s Box has been opened!  In that sense thank you America Congress for what you have now made possible against yourself and allies.