3 10 2016

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Since 9/11 some 200,000 Americans are dead from Superbug infections in American hospitals!  About the same number from gun violence!   Even more are dead from traffic accidents!

The number of Americans killed by terrorists is minuscule in comparison.  Imagine if the $Trillions that have gone to the military-industrial complex for wars that are in themselves creating a whole new larger generation of haters and fighters against America had been spent instead on health care, safer roads, and reducing gang and gun violence.  Just imagine!

And while I’m dealing with numbers, during Obama’s years as Commander-in-Chief more than 10,000 innocents — a large number of them women and children in fact — have been killed by American drone and bombing strikes in Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, Syria, Yemen and beyond.

Our “leaders” and the institutions of the corporate war state have betrayed us far worse than we imagine!   The betrayal of Obama himself is so despressing in fact precisely because he so loudly promised “hope and change” but actually delivered even worse, in many ways, than those who came before him.