Arab American Disaster in Washington

4 10 2016


National Council on U.S.-Arab Relatoins


Arab Americans are far weaker, confused, demoralized, depressed and leaderless than ever.  For example, the ADC annual conference last weekend in Washington was such a pathetic lifeless meaningless affair.  While the American Jewish community, propelled by the Israelis of course, is extremely powerfully represented by multiple major organizations and individuals, Arab Americans are quite literally, and yes I repeat pathetically, severely disorganized, horribly leaderless, and quite simply of little importance at all in American political or cultural life…except maybe when it comes to a few good restaurants.

As for the ADC conference — despite months and years in fact of organizing and repeatedly contacting everyone they know urging them to come — it was a sad and tragic display  of no one cares or even wants to be associated.    Even when they put on what was supposed to be a gala dinner celebration of the life of one of their key founders, former Arab League Ambassador Clovis Maksoud,  a miniscule hundred or so people showed up with more than half of the already limited room empty.   And that after ADC got a bunch of other “organizations” to help “co-sponsor” it!

The other groups in Washington that claim to represent Arab Americans are all Saudi created and these days Saudi/Gulf controlled, without any grassroots, and with charlatan figure-head personalities who have no real claim to represent any thing or any one other than themselves and the despicably corrupted Arab regimes they serve — among them John Duke Anthony, Jim Zogby, and a host of unknown second and third rate not real “journalists” and organizational hacks.

Bottom Line?   After a couple of generations now of “organizing” and having spent (mostly to enrich themselves) more than $150 million the Arab Americans in Washington are worse than marginal, they are irrelevant even as they incessantly and incestuously keep giving awards to each other.