5 10 2016

CrossTalk (RT) title card.png

If you want to much better appreciate the dangerous times we are living in, primarily caused by the policies of the U.S., then watch the half-hour TV program CROSSTALK.

Yes it’s on RT.  Yes it tends to mirror Russian world outlooks.  But the guests are usually from abroad in Europe and the U.S., plus the perspective you’ll get on this program hosted by Peter Lavelle  — himself originally a California kid before his Fulbright scholarship to Eastern Europe — is supported by far more people around the world than what the American MSM are promoting.   And even if you find yourself not fully agreeing with the top analysts, academics, and journalists you will see and hear on RT (probably for the first time) you will learn a great deal and all the heavy incestuous American propaganda will at least have a very serious counterpoint.

In the Washington DC area you can easily find RT on Channel 30.4 but it is not easily available OTA or on Cable in most of the U.S.   But the YouTube Channel for RT and Crosstalk is easily available and by the way it is very popular.