Obama – Weak, Pathetic, Finished

6 10 2016

Obama should be demanding the resignations of both his Defense Sec Carter and Sec State Kerry.   But he is too weak. too irresolute,  and too confused; plus he has forgotten how and why President Truman fired General MacArthur.

Both the Pentagon and Foggy Bottom chiefs have defied their President of late.   The military attacked the Syrian army and used proxies to destroy U.N. convoys with the goal, now achieved, of not only quickly ending Obama’s “cease fire” but ending all “coordination” with Russia and setting the stage for far greater direct U.S military intervention in Syria.   The Defense Sec even leaked to the major news sources that he disagreed with the President’s policies and needed to help him make “foreign policy”.  Kerry meanwhile has told some of his neocon friends that even as he was engaged in “diplomacy” he was actually pushing hard for far greater military attacks in Syria but he was overruled by Obama.

The general public is not really aware of how miserably Obama has failed in so many critical ways.  Just in recent weeks:

  • Chinese embarrass him so visibly
  • Congress overrides his 9/11 veto
  • His critical PTT going nowhere
  • His Obamacare denounced even by former Pres Clinton
  • Escalating U.S. and allied military attacks in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, Yeman +.
  • Now his top Cabinet officers defy and embarrass him publicly as well as privately

There is another possibility, though much less likely.   Obama could be playing us all as the “good cop” while actually authorizing the militant neoconesque policies thus orchestrating a grand strategic deception.   But I don’t really believe he’s even capable of that.