8 10 2016

Image result for picture of u.s. capitol bombed

The fact that such a psychopathic narcissist has a serious chance of becoming POTUS is truly scary.   Should he fail a corrupted and discredited Democratic party will have one of its own also discredited holders on back in the White House.  Either way the institutions of the American republic are no longer stable and keep losing credible.

And while this truly maddening  election campaign is underway Americans are watching on TV the sequel to the post 9-11 “24”.  This time the Capitol itself is destroyed with the President, Vice-President, members of Congress, along with most the Supreme Court and Joint Chiefs of Staff all killed during the State of the Union speech.

The very fabric of American society is now unraveling.  Trust in government is at an all-time low.   Fear is omni-present and chaos with real panic is just a major incident away.   Meanwhile American forces in the Middle East continue on their rampage but there too belief in what they are doing is very much in doubt even among themselves.

Talk of World War is no longer hushed and has become in fact the subject of fancy war games taking place for real and fanciful TV dramas that seem to be more and more in themselves credible.

The choice between Hillary and The Donald is one American citizens are wishing they could have avoided, while America’s enemies must be relishing the spectacle!