9 10 2016

OMG!   The Dems have been handed salvation!  And America itself has dodged the Trump bullet!  Let me put these thoughts into words right now even before tonight’s Debate #2.

Though they have a seriously flawed candidate themselves, a month from now the Democratic Party is not only likely to retain the White House and the whole Executive Branch of Government.  The Dems now have a real chance, one they and their candidate Hillary do not deserve, to take both Houses of Congress, and then to secure the Supreme Court for the generation ahead!

A Trump presidency would have been catastrophic for the image and stature of the U.S.   His unraveling will still leave the imprint that he was within striking distance of the American Presidency in the minds of many throughout the world, including the Presidents and Generals of other key countries, most especially China and Russia.

There’s probably much more slime and filth ahead for the Clintons.  Wikileaks probably will be dump dripping much more in the days and weeks ahead.  And wounded bleeding political animals can be the most vicious of all.

But Trump was from the start the most seriously nutty POTUS candidate maybe ever; and because of him the Dems have this historic, and I repeat undeserved, chance of taking everything in just a month!

Will they be able to turn such a twist of political fortunes into successfully governing a now extraordinarily polarized country facing seriously flawed foreign and economic policies and confronting overall decline?

That’s now what is highly doubtful.  And thus very very dangerous times lie immediately ahead once this election super soap opera itself is history.