10 10 2016

It’s another major American war crime country destruction in the Middle East.   This time it’s the Saudis doing most of the killing and destruction, but with a massive supply of American weapons, “intelligence”, and constant assistance from the CIA and Drones.  The latest horrible massacre was of a very public funeral gathering of thousands viciously attacked killing more than 140 and injuring more than 500.  At first the Saudis tried to deny they did it…but the evidence was so overwhelming they are now “investigating”.  Rather than condemning, stopping the arms supply and cooperation, and rushing assistance, the Americans instead keep screaming about Aleppo and the Russians.   But the far greater slaughter for which they are responsible, more than 10,000 in Yemen in just the past two years on top of millions of Yemenis now homeless and refugees, the Americans do nothing about since it is done by their key regional ally with abundant U.S. weapons and support.