Pussies or World War?

12 10 2016

The American media is super busy blanking out the word pussies and dumping on Trump, but isn’t what is  going on in Syria and Yemen and Moscow so much more important.   Today in fact Russians were told to immediately bring all family members back to the homeland while nuke ballistic missiles were tested and Moscow bomb shelters stocked with supplies.  A few days ago a very stern and terrifying American General was trotted out to the Press Room at the Pentagon to threaten to “destroy” Russia!

Yet even the Russians have a sense of humor.  They not only remember their own “Pussy Riot” scandal (they didn’t blank out the word), and Foreign Minister Lavrov even joked today (reference to American politicians) that there are too many “Pussies in America”!

BTW, as for the word Pussy causing such a commotion that’s to our crazed main-stream media wolf pack, domehow we have forgotten Pussy Galor, 1964 star in the OO7 Movie Goldfinger.

Pussy Galore: “My name is Pussy Galore.
James Bond: “I must be dreaming.

And all this was very public long ago!

Pussy Galore 2


US NGOs + Orgs often are CIA+

12 10 2016

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Booz Allen Hamilton, much in the news lately as employer of Snowden as well as the guy recently arrested at NSA with a house full of super secret documents, is a “private” organization with thousands of employees in offices throughout the world.   But in many cases it functions as an arm of US intelligence working closely if not directly for the CIA, NSA, Pentagon, Homeland Security, State Department, et. al.

The same is true for many US think-tanks and international organizations including, among them, The Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars, The Stimson Center, The National Endowment for Democracy, The National Democratic Institute, The International Republican Institute, The U.S. Institute for Peace, Center for Strategic and International Studies, Mercy Corps…just to name the big ones.

In nearly all cases most who work for these organizations and think-tanks don’t even know, and usually don’t want to know, who is pulling the strings of their employers and where the money  and policy directions are really coming from.   Even those at the top sometimes think, or want to think, that by keeping an arms length they can say they are “independent”.

But in reality most of these organizations are functioning as “contractors” in the “private sector” for the various agencies of the U.S. Government who manipulate, control, and often-times fund them as well one way or another.

The term “contractor” is usually employed with those working for the military in many different capacities but not actually wearing uniforms or getting their pay-checks and pensions from the Pentagon directly.   But it also applies to organizations and persons working in the world of think-tanks, academia, journalism, business and humanitarian relief groups.

Tragically what this means is that even those American persons and organizations that have worked hard to truly be independent and truly kept their independence and self-respect are nevertheless suspect.   And it has become nearly impossible to really know for sure who is who even for in-the-know experienced people in Washington; so it is virtually impossible for outsiders to know.

P.S.  Look here for an official list of the top 100 USG “Contractors”…but it’s quite incomplete and rather misleading as it does not of course include the classified, the secret, the cut-outs, those three or four layers deep…