Pussies or World War?

12 10 2016

The American media is super busy blanking out the word pussies and dumping on Trump, but isn’t what is  going on in Syria and Yemen and Moscow so much more important.   Today in fact Russians were told to immediately bring all family members back to the homeland while nuke ballistic missiles were tested and Moscow bomb shelters stocked with supplies.  A few days ago a very stern and terrifying American General was trotted out to the Press Room at the Pentagon to threaten to “destroy” Russia!

Yet even the Russians have a sense of humor.  They not only remember their own “Pussy Riot” scandal (they didn’t blank out the word), and Foreign Minister Lavrov even joked today (reference to American politicians) that there are too many “Pussies in America”!

BTW, as for the word Pussy causing such a commotion that’s to our crazed main-stream media wolf pack, domehow we have forgotten Pussy Galor, 1964 star in the OO7 Movie Goldfinger.

Pussy Galore: “My name is Pussy Galore.
James Bond: “I must be dreaming.

And all this was very public long ago!

Pussy Galore 2