PEACE NOW – The Big Lie and Deception

13 10 2016

Americans for Peace Now

APN is a terribly misleading and actually quite harmful organization for those who truly care about real “Peace” and real “Palestinian rights and Statehood”.  For years APN has pretended to be in the forefront of peace with the Palestinians but it has hardly any credibility with Palestinians and few  will even be associated with it (but for the those their US/Israeli handlers pay to do so). Long ago APN was infiltrated and is constantly used by mainstream Zionist parties and personalities including many associated with Mossad, Shinbet, Foreign Ministry and Knesset.  In the US APN is handled and manipulated by the Presidents Conference of Major Jewish Organizations.

It’s actually so easy to be against Israeli settlements and favoring the quisling Palestine Authority.   But that’s just the seduction theme APN uses for persons who have no independent knowledge about what is really going on.   APN’s real goal and purpose these days, and where it spends most of its time and energy, is in opposition to BDS – Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions against Israel – while constantly advocating for more money and weapons for Israel.  Trying to get the Palestinians to swallow the poison pill of a Zionist created and treacherously false “Two-State Solution”, which was their main theme for years, is now secondary because it is no longer even credible.

I’m not an outsider.  In recent years I’ve had many private meetings and spent dozens of intense hours discussing all these issues with the Chairman of APN, Jim Klutznick. Even worse than their duplicity and deception when it comes to Israel and Palestine, APN is totally aligned with and under the secondary control of Obama/Clinton and the Dem Party making them fully complicitous with the horrible wars perpetrated by the US in Syria, Libya, Yemen and beyond, not to mention Iraq and Afghanistan.   Klutznick in fact took over APN in coordination with another Israeli/Jewish front organization, J Street, to work more closely with Obama and his sister who is one of the top money fund-raisers in the country for Obama/Clinton.

And so, finally, in exasperation, last year I completely ended a 30+ year friendship with Klutznick having decided, and telling him to his face, we can no longer even be friends at all because we are actually “political, Jewish and moral enemies” now no matter what the past.

I’ve written about APN and it’s “false flag” “peace” lies before: