Defcon 4…or is it 3?

15 10 2016

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Defcon is the Pentagon’s “Defense Condition” and it goes from 5 to 1, from all’s OK to Nuclear War.

In the old days of the Cold War and Dr. Strangelove the Defcon status was publicly known.    Together with the Doomsday clock on the cover of the monthly Bulletin of Atomic Scientists, we were all supposed to be aware just how close we were to Nuclear Armageddon.

In the new age of stealth weapons, confused proxy wars, and who knows whom is using cyber weapons, looks like Defcon too has gone stealth.   Current rumors in Washington are that there has been an ominous change to 3….or is it just 4?  Top American as well as Russian officials have made frightening statements of late about WWIII.  The Pentagon even trotted out a 4-star Dr. Strangelove wanaby to threaten to “Destroy” Russia…and look like he meant it!   Plus on the new weekly TV sensation, Designated Survivor, a similar demeanor commanding General has been fired by the new surviving POTUS for ordering war behind the President’s back.

Meanwhile, thanks to a corporate media unwilling and maybe unable to focus on what’s really important, the whole country is talking incessantly about recordings of and alleged gropings by The Donald decades ago, and dealing with really big decisions whether to bleep or xxx out the word pussies.