19 10 2016

 His plane is bigger and looks better, but he truly is psychopathic and narcissistic in the extreme.  The entire establishment class in the USA is not only with Hillary they are aghast and working overtime against The Donald.    From Hollywood to the Media Mainstream to even the Republican establishment and the Neocons they are all not just routing for Hillary but actively working for her and courting her.    The real reason for this is they all know Hillary is a team player and it’s their team, whereas Trump is a wildcard from the outside who owes them nothing and might even try to revamp the entire system without them.

Meanwhile, there are so many struggling, frightened, and embittered Americans now fed up with the establishment class they are themselves rallying around the billionaire tycoon huckster.  They are doing so precisely because he is an outside, precisely because they can say through supporting Trump a plague on all of you establishment types be gone.

The establishment will prevail once again in a few weeks, and underpinning it the “deep state” which really runs the show will continue.   But even so the very fabric of American “democracy” itself has been considerably weakened and maybe is even unraveling.   The years ahead with Clinton Presidency #2, on top of a continuance of the Obama Presidency, are going to be extremely difficult ones indeed.   The may yet be a  Trump-like “Make America Great Again” “strong man” in the American future…just not POTUS right now.