Mosul today – Syria, Lebanon, Gaza…and Iran…Ahead!

20 10 2016

The Israelis are just loving it!   Iraq was done for them by the US.  Syria is being done for them by the Saudis and Turks and Gulf countries, of course with the US making it all possible and orchestrating everything.   The West Bank and Jerusalem are under Israeli control also thanks to the US  via the quisling PA with assistance from EU countries.    Junta Egypt and Hashemite Jordan are in Israel’s camp; and the Saudis and Gulf countries are moving closer and closer into covert and strategic alliance with the Jewish State.   They’ve even got Turkey back in their clutches.

Image result for caricature shia arc

Israel’s real problem is Iran and Lebanon and to a far lesser extent Gaza.  Of course should there ever be a resurgence of the “Arab Spring” and Arab/Muslim populism that could seriously change things for the Israelis, but that’s no longer likely in the foreseeable future.

The Israelis and Saudis remain determined to get control one way or another of Damascus.   The big issue for them isn’t so much Syria itself but rather how Syria connects and empowers the opposition to Israel and Zionism, as well as the Shia world, from Tehran to Beirut and beyond.  The Israelis are in a sense all-powerful now; and yet they are aware how much disgust, hate and desires for revenge they have created among Arabs and Muslims, not to mention worldwide as symbolized by the growth of the BDS Movement.

In the future, if and when the Israelis take on Hezbollah and Iran and Gaza in what could be a tremendously bloody conflict for control of the region they will remind the world of the death and destruction the Americans brought about in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria and beyond.  That even greater war orgy lies ahead…but the preparations are well underway and Barack Obama has done so much as Neocon Facilitator leaving it to others in the future to use the super weapons he has provided primarily to Israel, Saudis, and Gulf countries but also to Jordan, Egypt and Turks.