21 10 2016

Americans for Peace Now

The U.N. Security Council recently held an unusual not official session dealing with Israel and the Palestinians.  Looked at closely what happened is another example of how harmful and hypocritical the organization known as Peace Now is.    Americans for Peace Now has in fact made a big thing in recent days about how they presented testimony at this UN event along with an Israeli human rights organization.   BUT what the Peace Now people do not reveal and try oh-so-hard to cover up is the following:

  • They lobbied hard for the session to be limited to discussion of Israel settlements in the West Bank; even though the facts of this are already well-known and just a quick google away, and even though nearly everyone in the world including the U.S. government is opposed to such “illegal” settlements in “occupied” or  “disputed” territories.
  • Through their efforts APN — in coordination with the US Government — helped prevent the really major issues from being discussed now or in a coming new UNSC Resolution.   Not on the table thanks to APN and USG — also in coordination with the quisling Abbas “Palestinian Authority”:  escalating  arrests, torture, extrajudicial killings and assassinations, that Gaza is the largest prison in the world, plus most of all the escalating worse-than-apartheid realities throughout “occupied territories” and Jerusalem.
  • The Peace Now people vociferously refuse any discussion of “Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions” and constantly blackball any organizations or persons who support BDS and other strong sanctions against Israel.
  • No credible and independent Palestinians were invited to speak even though of course it is the Palestinians whose land and freedoms are being constantly taken from them and have the most at stake.   Once again, thanks to APN, well-funded Zionist propagandist Jews were the main speakers representing organizations that in other forums call for more super weapons and more billions to be provided yearly to Israel in ever greater amounts so “The Jewish State” will be “secure”.

What’s going on these days is in preparation to make sure that whatever Resolution the Obama Administration might support at UNSC after the Hillary election will be of little consequence and in no way sanction or even seriously pressure Israel other than once again be a wrist slap about settlements.

In short, PEACE NOW is a very harmful, deceptive, and duplicous Zionist Organization constantly used and manipulated by leading Israelis as well as the U.S. Government with which it constantly coordinates.    In recent years I’ve focused at times on APN, explaining in past columns why it is what it is and why serious persons should shun it and urge others to do so.    Many of those columns are at:



Hillary the Facilitator?

21 10 2016

Did Hillary act as Bill’s facilitator far beyond her role as wife and confidant and First Lady of Arkansas as well as the White House?   There is much testimony and evidence that she did so.   And not just when it came to Bill’s sexual transgressions — there are numerous unexplained quasi-criminal financial affairs and even a few mysterious deaths of key persons over the years.  Yes she is still the lesser of evils at the moment….but think about all that.

The far more dangerous Hillary role as Facilicator though is with regards to the Neocons.   Somewhat restrained by Obama Hillary as POTUS will see a somewhat closet Neocon in the Oval Office and key crafty Neocons in key positions of power in the National Security Council, Department of State, and beyond.