Draining the Rigged Washington Swamp

24 10 2016

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Trump is actually right!   The Washington swamp needs to be drained!  The corruption of the campaign finance system and special interest lobbyists, on top of the “Deep State” realities, makes Washington such a corruptly smelly place.  His late just out advocacy of term limits for Members of Congress, and not letting politicians become lobbyists (for 5 years),  could make a big difference on the kinds of people who run for office and come to Washington to exploit the system primarily for their own gain.

Trump is also right about the system being rigged!  But it’s not so much about voting day, it’s more about how the “Two-Party System” has perpetually empowered and enriched the establishment class and keeps everyone else out no matter how much better their policies and ideas and integrity.

IF Trump were not such a psychopath and narcissist, not to mention himself a long-time player in the rigged swampy system…

But even so he is right that big money, the revolving door, and the special interest lobbies, are why the system is rigged and the swamp is so gooey and smelly.

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